As heard on 93.1 WTJS. “The Talk of Jackson”

GeorgeB has been known as a popular and award winning talk radio personality for over twenty years. He began the gig and gab as a part-time hobby job, at the urging of media icon, Steve Bowers. He claims to be well educated beyond his intellect and capabilities, having earned Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. With varied career and job experience, he has been a high school and college teacher, a lobbyist, church music director, tourism promotion and marketing consultant, group tour company owner, and event planner. “The only full time job I’ve ever had,”says George, “is parenting”. GeorgeB has retired at least four times and returns to radio, referred to as the The People’s Spokesman, Guardian Protector of Civil Liberties, Educator of the Airwaves, and Role Model of America’s Youth. The “GeorgeB in the Afternoon Show” encourages diverse and independent thinking with open-line interactive conversations. His show is not constrained by political party platforms or “top-down” government. It challenges listeners to think about all issues in a fun, informative, and entertaining way.